Would you like to become a mushroom forager? To know where wild mushrooms grow and which ones are edible? Let’s examine the process of learning it.

How to become a mushroom forager

You need to learn mushrooms from the most recognizable safest ones, build your mushrooming portfolio, consult a field guide and mushroom experts to confirm…

Out of the thousands of edible mushrooms out there, we foragers look for the most delicious and fleshiest ones. This is the list of the top ones, which make our heart beat faster no matter how many of them we find.

1. Truffles

The most delicious mushrooms are also hardest to find…

An early morel

While researching the internet, I was surprised by the number of sources that claim wrinkled thimble-caps (Verpa bohemica) are poisonous. It is a delicious mushroom that the internet clouded in myths.


The early morel (aka wrinkled thimble-cap), like all edible wild mushrooms, requires heat preparation. It doesn’t contain any poisonous…

Martin Arcimovič

Daily mushroom forager, cook and blogger. https://mushroomgrove.com

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