This is how you become a mushroom forager

How to become a mushroom forager

What mushroom foragers do

Advantages of mushroom foraging

Is mushroom foraging dangerous?

How long does it take to become a mushroom forager?

How to start learning mushrooms

1. Giant puffball, 2. chicken of the woods, 3. wood ear, 4. morels

Put in the hours

Consult experts

Practice, practice, practice

Stuff you will need for mushroom foraging

1. A basket or an airy bag

2. A knife

3. A mushroom guide

  1. It shows the families and relations of mushrooms much better, allowing you to learn faster and understand the mushroom world better than many long-term foragers.
  2. There are many myths about mushrooms out there, and the internet is full of them. Mushroom guides are scientific, written by no-nonsense mycology experts who don’t repeat stuff they heard from friends. Using a mushroom guide, you will avoid a lot of useless, or even harmful, nonsense.
  3. It is easier to fall in love with a paper book with a lot of pictures than with an online database. And loving the medium will help you focus, enjoy the learning process, and put in the hours.

4. A camera

  1. Center of the cap.
  2. The rim of the cap.
  3. Center of the cap’s underside.
  4. Ring, if any.
  5. Texture and shape of the stalk.

5. Proper outdoor clothing

6. Patience and common sense

Should you use mushroom identification apps?

The legality of mushroom foraging




Daily mushroom forager, cook and blogger.

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Martin Arcimovič

Martin Arcimovič

Daily mushroom forager, cook and blogger.

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