This is how you forage morel mushrooms (comprehensive guide)

Identifying morel mushrooms

Types of morel mushrooms

Yellow morel (Morchella esculenta)

True morel mushrooms

Black morel (Morchella angusticeps)

Black morel mushrooms

Half-free morels

Early morels

An early morel

Beware of false morels

A false morel

Don’t confuse morels with stinkhorns

The morel season

Where to find morel mushrooms

Tree types that associate with morels

Elm trees



Cherry trees

Tulip poplar trees


Online information about soil types

Testing soil yourself

Don’t forage morels in a polluted area

Cooking morels


Don’t eat raw morels

Sample recipes

Medicinal effects

Storing morels

Preserving morels




Daily mushroom forager, cook and blogger.

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Martin Arcimovič

Martin Arcimovič

Daily mushroom forager, cook and blogger.

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